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September 2007

Justin Johnson
Date: Monday, 10th September 2007 - 09:45 PM
Subject: Michigan Promise Scholarship
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Music:Sum 41 - Best of Me

I got the Michigan Promise Scholarship on the first attempt! $4,000 for me! Yay!

Okay, back to reality. I don't... really... feel the warmth and excitement some of my OTHER classmates feel. Maybe it's because I'm a cynic, or maybe it's because I don't take things at face value. There were people jumping for joy when they found out and other's looking in chagrin. But why? Even if you fail the first retake... and fail the second... if you do good in college, you still get the money, you just have to wait a bit.

But, don't get me wrong, I'm UBER happy I passed! I'm UBER happy I'm getting money! And I'm UBER happy I'm applying to colleges in Michigan!

And, incidentially, since it's no longer the Michigan Merit Award, why they [still] calling the qualifying test the Michigan Merit Exam?
And why rename it in the first place?!

Also, the being stingy brats force you to go to a Michigan college to use it?! Jerks. Regardless of what college I go to, I still passed! I deserve that money!

(This entry exceeds recommended maximums for exclamation marks.)
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Justin Johnson
Date: Thursday, 30th August 2007 - 07:11 AM
Subject: 35 Weeks Later...
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Whee, it's been 35 weeks.

Miss me?! Thought not...

It's not so much that I've been too busy to write here, it's... that nothing relating to my life is fit for public consumption and I don't really enjoy writing private entries. Admittedly, this means that a large chunk of my life has gone un-editorialized... but, most of it's sad and depressing crap, sooooo, why write about it. Maybe one day I'll fill in the gaps.

In other news, I do keep another blog at Wordpress, "The Sound of Silence and The Fury". Not personal related, just... a real blog. Squee. A bit of shameless self-promotion never killed anyone, right?
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Justin Johnson
Date: Saturday, 23rd December 2006 - 08:22 PM
Subject: PlayStation Underground and Meal No. 107 - Gamer Snack Pack
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Mood:pokey *poke poke*
Music:Taking Back Sunday - Make Damn Sure
If you aren't a member of the PlayStation Underground, I highly suggest you join. You get random stuff in the mail to love and play with... and eat.

What you see if you click on the link is an advertisement for SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals: Combined Assault in the form of a [cheap] "MRE" (Meal Ready to Eat). I'm scared to eat it. I do want to put the patch on one of my jackets or something though. Yes, I'll take the lameness comments for that.
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Justin Johnson
Date: Wednesday, 20th December 2006 - 08:24 PM
Subject: Tylenol's Cough & Sore Throat with "Cool Burst" (tm) Sensation
Security: Public
Music:Papa Roach - Scars
Okay, now, this medicine has got to be like THE BEST TASTING medicine I have ever tasted. But you know why they make medicine icky tasting? So it makes it bloody difficult to overdose on it intentionally. But with this medicine, you could easily kill yourself.

In short, if you ever want to commit suicide, do it with some Tylenol product with "Cool Burst" (tm) sensation.
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Justin Johnson
Date: Saturday, 9th December 2006 - 12:45 AM
Subject: Maf54
Security: Public
So, the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct's (Read as: the House Ethics Committee's) investigation into Mark Foley's subcommittee released the instant messages in their entirety today...

104 pages of lunch-barfing, pedophilia crap. It scares me, it really does. A grown man... having cybersex experiences with a teenage guy. I don't know who was more stupid, Foley or the teenager. It's still barfskies no matter what though.
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Justin Johnson
Date: Saturday, 4th November 2006 - 09:36 PM
Subject: Battlestar Galactica
Security: Public
Music:Hot Action Cop - Goin' Down On It (Need For Speed Remix)

Such an exemplary show has jumped the shark in my opinion.

Unfortunately, I have dropped Battlestar Galactica from my "Must Remember" viewing lineup. I dunno what happened, it used to be good... used to be sci-fi-ish... now it's just melodramatic human interaction drama crap with insufficient amounts of technobabble.
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Justin Johnson
Date: Sunday, 29th October 2006 - 10:54 PM
Subject: One Saturday Afternoon...
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Music:Nickelback - Photograph
So on Saturday Ryan (the good one) came over.

We worked on the computer, he locked me out of my computer and remotely controlled my other computer locking me out of that. *eyes* We ate pizza and crazy bread. You know, guy stuff. Somehow, I end up with scratches on my right arm and one on my left hand. Somehow... whenever I see him, I walk away with scratches.

Notably, he kept pointing pepper spray at me. *smirks* That was funny, and a bit scary with all the scratches I have.

There's more, but, eh... You know how it is.

Why can't I have more Saturday's like that one?
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Justin Johnson
Date: Saturday, 14th October 2006 - 07:23 PM
Subject: The Straight Guy vs. The Gay Guy
Security: Public
Music:Breaking Benjamin - Breakdown
Friday, leaving school, I witnessed and took part in a most peculiar conversation.

It started with Ryan M. (Not evil Ryan S., good Ryan M. - I'd never stand around after school and waste valuable oxygen by conversing with Ryan S, unless forced to by law or other competent authority...) and I standing around talking about... nothing and waiting for another one of his friends. A girl in my French 1 class walked up, and randomly said to Ryan something to the effect of, "Can I ask you something? Don't take this offensively or anything but..." She couldn't even finish before Ryan said, "Am I gay?" I smirked and she nodded. He answered "Yes, I am." Okay, no big seekrit [sic] there, but, then it took a turn for the unusual. She asked, "So you like guys?" He said, "Yes." I was thinking "Uhh... isn't that the definition of gay at least for guys?" But, I didn't say anything, I can still hold my tongue at times, rarely, but it happens. "So, I can talk to you about my problems?" she asked. "Boyfriend problems?" he said. She said, "No, I don't have a boyfriend, but yeah." That (or something else) led me to say, "Boys are jerks."

The point of this: Why is it that because Ryan is gay, that she feels that she can talk to him about problems? I mean, yeah, some guys are just totally stupid. But why would the gay guy be the authority to straighten out the puzzle?

It's possible that Ryan may have some unique insight on this because he is a guy and has had boyfriends before... but... maybe it's just something formed by the stereotypes of homosexual people that one gets from Queer as Folk and Noah's Arc. Yet, still: Why him (the gay guy) and why in that manner?

It's a very perplexing puzzle that I really don't plan on solving for lack of significant interest. But, I just thought I'd pose the question.
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Justin Johnson
Date: Monday, 25th September 2006 - 06:32 AM
Subject: 2006 Fun Fair
Security: Public
Music:Nickelback - How You Remind Me
So, Saturday... Yeah, Saturday, I went to the same fair I went to last year this time with Danny and Cody (who didn't go last year... who didn't exist to us last year, either, I think.).

We did nothing but walk around and look bored, whereupon, last year I was flirting with a girl. The two pictures that survived my scrutiny (Danny calls me a punk for deleting several pictures of me that I did not like. *shrugs*), I think are nice.

There was a lot of hitting between Cody and I though. A LOT of hitting. Danny said we needed to be separated. And some threats of biting... *shakes head* I had Danny in a chokehold a couple times, nothing serious really.

So, yeah, that's that.
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Justin Johnson
Date: Monday, 18th September 2006 - 11:59 PM
Subject: I Plead Guilty!
Security: Public
Music:Breaking Benjamin - Had Enough
I hold a bag of popcorn which clearly states, "[...] For best results, do not use your [microwave] oven's preset popcorn timer."

I used the preset popcorn timer. Well, on our microwave (which I picked out) it doesn't have a popcorn timer, it has this nifty thing that uses humidity sensors to see when something is done.

So, my conclusions: This is the best bag of popcorn I've ever popped, and I plead guilty to failure to heed the manufacturer's instructions. Punish me as you will.

Oh, and if you're wondering: No salt, extra butter.
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